About us

Impel Development is pioneering the establishment of a European standard in the Georgian real estate development market. Our success is driven by a highly skilled team, innovative construction methodologies, and the utilization of the highest-quality materials.

Our goal is to create a living environment that provides the comfort and pleasure that will exceed the residents’ expectations. “Impel Development” creates a novel European lifestyle, giving every resident the opportunity to enjoy their apartment and the surrounding environment offered by the company.


At this stage, the company is fully focused on the construction of the universal residential complex “Impel Verde”.

The complex is 32,050 sq.m. The plot of land is being built and includes residential buildings, sports and recreation, children’s and recreational areas.

The evergreen boulevard, built on 10,000 sq.m., perfectly balances the exterior of the modern architecture.

The process of selling apartments in the new residential building has already started, and the construction will be completed in 2024



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