Impel Development is pioneering the establishment of a European standard in the Georgian real estate development market. Our success is driven by a highly skilled team, innovative construction methodologies, and the utilization of the highest-quality materials.

Our goal is to create a living environment that provides the comfort and pleasure that will exceed the residents’ expectations. “Impel Development” creates a novel European lifestyle, giving every resident the opportunity to enjoy their apartment and the surrounding environment offered by the company.

Energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials, and a clean ecological environment are among a large list of the benefits Impel offers to its residents.

The company’s mission is to create and establish a superior European standard in the field of construction. The company also aims to ensure that a premium quality of life is accessible in all areas of the city. We create a highly competitive environment and constantly strive to become a leading company in the construction industry.

TBC Bank stands as the primary strategic partner of “Impel Development,” providing full financial support for the company’s ongoing projects.